Dinosaur pack

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Celebrate an adventure-filled birthday with our new Dinosaur Adventurers Birthday Pack! Specially designed to entertain budding little explorers, this pack offers a playful experience that combines fun and play, perfect for keeping kids occupied at the party.🌋🦖🌿


Give your child an unforgettable birthday party with the Dinosaur Adventurers Birthday Pack, where play and prehistoric adventure meet for a day full of energy and laughter!🌋🦖🌿

Once colored and inflated, these Créarts captivate children's attention, plunging them into unforgettable adventures. 

In the Dinosaur Birthday Pack you'll also find dino-shaped foam stickers to transform your party space into a treasure-hunting ground. The foam stickers can be used to mark discovery zones and create an adventure course!

Treat the kids to a unique birthday, filled with laughter, color and artistic discoveries!

Instructions: it's SUPER easy! 

  1. Color with pencils, markers, pastels and paints, because YES, Créarts are made of paper! 
  2. Use the foam stickers to create an adventure course with your Créarts Dinos.
  3. Blow with straw to bring your Créarts to life
  4. Play and create your own story.


Contents 6-pack: 3 Tyrannosaurus + 3 Stegosaurus + 6 straws + 1 surprise

Contents 8-pack: 4 Tyrannosaurus + 4 Stegosaurus + 8 straws + 1 surprise

Contents Pack of 10: 5 Tyrannosaurus + 5 Stegosaurus + 10 straws + 1 surprise

Paper composition

Designed by us and sent with love

The little plus Créart can be taken anywhere, as it inflates and deflates ad infinitum...

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