Explore Créarts Papillons, two inflatable coloring pages with delicate shapes waiting to be transformed into beautiful, magical butterflies.🦋🌟🌈

Each creation becomes part of an enchanted artistic adventure. Children will love bringing these butterflies to life by coloring them and then floating them in the air.


Discover our magnificent Créarts Papillons Magiques, two inflatable coloring pages featuring butterflies with enchanted wings that light up the sky with magical colors. Your children will be transported to a magical world full of creativity. Once colored and inflated, these magical butterflies will shine brightly and become the ideal companions for hours of creative play. Give your children a magical experience with Créarts! 🦋🌟🌈

Give your kids the perfect gift that combines play and creativity with our inflatable butterfly coloring pages!

Instructions: it's SUPER easy! 

  1. Color with pencils, markers, pastels and paints, because YES, Créarts are made of paper!
  2. Decorate the butterflies with the rhinestone stickers you'll find inside the pouch.
  3. Blow with straw to bring your Créarts to life
  4. Play and make butterflies fly, or display them as decoration in your bedroom. 


Contents 2 inflatable butterflies + 1 paper straw + rhinestone stickers for extra fun!

Format 24.5×17.5 cm and 24.5×16.5 cm

Paper composition

Designed by us and sent with love

The little plus Créart can be taken anywhere, as it inflates and deflates ad infinitum...

Further information

Weight 0.080 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25.5 × 0.5 cm

24.5×17.5 cm & 24.5×16.5 cm



Designed :

by our loving care